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Frequently Asked Questions for the Level 1 Course

What is the minimum age for this course? 

16 on day 1


Do I need to be a good tennis player?

No, the course is about communication, organisation and enthusiasm for working with young children. 


I want to work with adults, is this course still suitable?

Yes. Although this course is based around mini tennis red, all the tactical and technical information can be applied to any age group.


Do I need an LTA CRB/DBS?

No, please request from me a safe deployment form. This needs to be signed by your mentor and brought on day 1 of the course.


How much does it cost?

£235 for 3 days. 


What are the methods of payment?

- online through paypal

- b.a.c.s transfer

- cheque, payable to The Coach Academy 


What does the course qualify me to do?

Should you complete the course, you are only qualified to assist an Accredited Plus Coach (if you wish to work alone you will also need to complete level 2).


What is the assessment process?

Evidence portfolio with 11 tasks, which includes 3 hours work experience with mentor at mini red tennis. A 15 minute practical assessment (with 15 minute practice on day 2).


Can you help me find a mentor?

Yes, please call for advice. 


What if I fail or miss the on court assessment?

You have one year and two free re-assessments to complete the course.


Can I reserve a place?

Yes, The Coach Academy will hold you a place for 7 days while you organise paperwork and payment. 


What is LTA Accreditation?

See the page entitled 'Accreditation Day' 

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